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Our video crew is highly skilled and experienced in all aspects of production – promotional corporate videos and interviews, web promos, real estate videos, music videos and documentary film and television.

We have broad expertise in developing and communicating corporate video communications.

brand identity
mission and vision
corporate and social responsibility
public and investor relations
marketing and sales programs
new product introductions
image branding

We deliver message-driven solutions to internal and external audiences.

We can also translate your video productions.

Mike Haller
St Louis Video Producer
St Louis, Missouri, USA | Video Production

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St Louis Video Post-Production

Video editing basic components. It takes time for your producer to go through all that footage and edit it on paper, so your editor can then digitize the selected footage into the edit suite computer.

There is the audio recording by the voice over talent if there is no person speaking on camera. Also just as important to set the mood of the video, your producer and editor will add appropriate music to the mix.

To make you video look perfect, there may need to be some color correction, especially if more than one camera was utilized in your production taping.

If your video has additional graphic elements, a graphic designer or animator may be needed to work on those video segments relating to type on screen and animation.

And once all the parts go in motion, your producer and editor will work with you to edit your video and upload a viewing copy.

st louis video production | video services | teleprompters

St louis videotaping equipment essentials – Teleprompters

You will find a teleprompter on every well organized video production where the main speaker delivers to the camera when videotaping.

Broadcast commercials, corporate speeches and web video productions all benefit from the miracle that is a teleprompter. For a consistent, concise and smooth delivery for yourself or your on-camera talent, the teleprompters allows your video delivery to be perfect every time. It also allows for easier production and post production creations.

Our teleprompter is an easy solution to creating a more professional, delivery on camera. The professional experience of the teleprompter operator is also important to keep the flow consistent and seamless to the viewer.

st louis video production essentials - teleprompters

st louis video production essentials – teleprompters

We can provide the experience and the ease of the right crew member and all the extra equipment necessary for the video production – tripods, sleds, jib arms, riser blocks and monitors.

We want to become an integral part of your St Louis video production team. At some time in your professional career when video taping or speaking, you may be asked to use a teleprompter, and remember, we can help!

Shari Haller



St Louis Video Production | medical marketing communications

Medical video taping for St. Louis University Physicians.  Mike Haller with camera setting up the next video taping session with talent ready to go.

St Louis Medical Video and Photography for marketing, advertising and public relations.

St louis location scout and manager | video production | TV Commercials

Location Scout – Mike Haller 314-892-1233

St. Louis film location manager, location scout, Missouri film production.  Finding great locations for your shoot, since 1982.