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Not only do we offer full service video production, but video post-production as well. Bring us your footage and we will video edit your professional production at a competitive cost!  We use cutting edge programs to deliver the most professional and clean-cut production to your video’s potential.

We use a computerized non-linear editing system that gives us tremendous flexibility and spectacular special effects, such as wipes, dissolves, freeze frames, split screens, slow and fast motion, voiceovers, and sound effects editing. Our specialty is making your video program look great, no matter what the subject!

St Louis HD Video Editing

Professional video editing separates the pros from the people who own a good video camera and can work some editing software. A thorough understanding of technology and art is integral to the process. The quality of the editing is the difference between a successful and profitable promotion and possibly doing damage to your brand. Our St Louis video production and editing team can skillfully edit your video, using the most up to date, top of the line editing tools, to create a high-quality marketing tool that is sure to impress.  Edit your green screen video in our St Louis studio.

St. Louis Web Video Production, Editing and Photography

A local st. louis Medical video for patient waiting rooms and dvd duplication. Dave Topping videographer (left) sets up the video taping on the set of a patient waiting area, while Mike Haller, photographer gets the shot of a patient coming back from a surgical treatment.

Abolition News Network

St. Louis Video Production – St. Louis Video Editing

Getting ready for the next shot on the set of the studio.

Producer,  Stephen Edison confers with two actors on the set of the ANN video production about slavery during the civil war.  Camera operator Dave Topping sets up for the next video taping segment.  The entire set was created and designed by Mike Haller.

Shari Haller


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