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St Louis Location Scouting and Managing

If you’ve been around the Mid-West as long as we have, Scouting & Managing St. Louis and Missouri Locations is a natural in our business. We just might know what you are looking for. You just have to know where to go, who to talk to and when to get the right image! We provide Location Scouting for Film, Video, Photography and the Web.


Are police needed? Do I need to block a street? Will the locations have restrooms? Let our crew handle traffic, permits, parking, location fees, and even talent holding areas. A lot of these details can be over looked when production crunch time begins. Even we can negotiate location contracts and workout insurance details with property owners.  We also can provide a number of studio location options.


CNBC Video Promo for Build-A-Bear Workshop ®

Videotaping Location Scout and Manager, Mike Haller

Build-A-Bear Workshop

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