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The women business owners and shooters at Angel Eye are masters at harnessing the power of photography, whether on location or in our spacious studio.


After years of creative photography on film (and now digital),  we offer creative commercial photography for a diverse group of St. Louis and Midwest product and service firms.

Some of our services to our customers include:

Plant / Office / Business Location Photography

Architectural Images

Studio Photography

Greenscreen Photography and Video

Corporate/Executive/ Attorney Portraits


Holiday Parties

Personal Portraits

Public Relations Coverage

Trade Shows and

Special Events

High Quality Digital Event Coverage

An effective photograph builds an emotional connection between your company and your audience, establishing an emotional connection between your company and your audience. We create studio photographs that produce results by working collaboratively with you: your understanding of your company and your market combined with our photographic expertise. We have the expertise to anticipate problems and the courage to ask the important questions.

St Louis Studio and Location Photographers

Photos are crucial to advertising, marketing, and attracting potential customers to your business. People rely on pictures when seeking inspiration or deciding which company to work with. A picture tells a story or provides a preview of what is to come. Shari Haller, our creative photographer, will provide exactly what you need.

We offer executive photography, corporate photos, commercial head shots, professional portraits, and PR photography.

st louis medical photographers

Our photographs capture the essence and beauty of subjects, eliminating background scenery to keep the photograph simple and clean. We enjoy working with businesses and agencies that need to photograph their products or people to keep their businesses going.

We specialize in creating amazing advertising, architectural, headshot, beauty, corporate, industrial, portrait, and product photography.

Whether you’re shooting a product or lifestyle scene, shooting event coverage, or running an editorial campaign, combining still pictures with moving ones will create the perfect promotional campaign.

There is no better method to advertise what you have been doing than by posting event videos and pictures. Your clients’ interests and your company’s enthusiasm are sure to be impressed. It’s a great way to establish new connections and preserve the ones you’ve already established.

St Louis Food Photography Studio

Let us record some great footage and stills of your fun and exciting event so that the world may see. We will create a highlight reel using the footage. Additionally, we can pull still jpg images from the video for you to use on your website and business social media profiles. You will have content for weeks, if not months, from one event!

Creating an emotional connection between your company and your audience is critical for effective images. We work with you to create studio photographs that result in success. We combine our knowledge of photography with your understanding of your company and your market to produce high-quality photographs. We are prepared for potential problems, and we ask the difficult questions.

Shari Haller


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