Webcasting and Video Streaming

st louis webcasting for a national business conference
st louis webcasting for a national business conference

Our video crew can provide affordable webcasting and live web video streaming services for you in the St. Louis Metro Area.  Our knowledge and experience can allow your organization to take advantage of the latest advancements in video streaming and webcasting.  We are a St Louis Streaming Video provider with world class equipment and experts in the industry.

We offer live streaming and webcasting services for the corporate and small business sector and will help your business reach those previously thought out-of-reach.  Our comprehensive packages can include both the hardware, personnel, and computer software required to get your business event streaming or webcasting while using your existing internet, ISP, or DSL account.  Annual, monthly, or one-time rates are available.  Let our video production company bring a live web video feed to your audience.

Live event video streaming and webcasting.

We also have the capability to provide hosting and support for your web streaming projects as well.  Only pay for the streams you are using – no long term commitments!  We are also available to bring a camera crew, sound & lighting professionals, as well as production and support services and staff who can take your next event and push it LIVE to the web.  Integrating a customized player on your existing website is also available in our comprehensive package pricing.  Our live web video feed service is available for meetings, corporate events, presentations, trade shows, and many other applications where our customers need to bring a video live to the web.

Live Event webcasting and recording for large outdoors venue
Live Event webcasting and recording for large outdoors venue

Webcasts | Recorded Webinars | Video Streaming

These productions are perfect for: Educating potential customers about issues and trends related to your industry. Also, generate leads to add targeted email lists or guide prospects further along the funnel.

Organizations tend to utilize webinars as digital events, where people who have signed up in advance see the presentation (bringing in a lead for the company). Webinars have shown to be a great resource since 53% of companies have included synchronous video content with live webinars. Pre-recorded webinars can be scheduled for a certain date and time like traditional webinars. They can also be put up on the company’s website, which may be on a landing page, a resource center, or included in a blog post.

Raw footage from live webcast for engineers at various locations to view the same plant in real time.

When planning new webinars, think about how you plan to repurpose them from the get-go. If you want short videos, design your webinar so that the recording can easily be edited into bite-sized video clips. These types of videos can then be used in ongoing content marketing programs.

By carefully planning topics that answer questions prospective buyers may have about your product, videos can be an effective tool to help them progress along their journey. Live sessions are supplemented by content available on-demand in a video hub, and the best-performing material is used for promotional video campaigns.

Mike Haller
St Louis Video Producer