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St louis videotaping equipment essentials – Teleprompters

You will find a teleprompter on every well organized video production where the main speaker delivers to the camera when videotaping.

Broadcast commercials, corporate speeches and web video productions all benefit from the miracle that is a teleprompter. For a consistent, concise and smooth delivery for yourself or your on-camera talent, the teleprompters allows your video delivery to be perfect every time. It also allows for easier production and post production creations.

Our teleprompter is an easy solution to creating a more professional, delivery on camera. The professional experience of the teleprompter operator is also important to keep the flow consistent and seamless to the viewer.

st louis video production essentials - teleprompters

st louis video production essentials – teleprompters

We can provide the experience and the ease of the right crew member and all the extra equipment necessary for the video production – tripods, sleds, jib arms, riser blocks and monitors.

We want to become an integral part of your St Louis video production team. At some time in your professional career when video taping or speaking, you may be asked to use a teleprompter, and remember, we can help!

Shari Haller


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