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Drone Photography Services Infrared Solar Panel Inspections

Saving Time – The system convenience and ease of use help the owners of solar panels to save time in maintenance activities for the whole infrastructure. This is even truer when it comes to large solar facilities and extended solar panel fields. Increasing Productivity Solar panel inspections using Drone technology are much more effective and efficient than using normal ground maintenance. Also, they are a lot less costly and make it possible to analyze those solar panels which are not working correctly to maximize their productivity.

drone FLIR thermal inspections for solar panels

Our high-resolution Infrared thermal imaging cameras, find the trapped moisture. Wet areas are identified and marked to show exactly where tactical repairs are to be made. By marking wet areas directly on the roof, they can be seen by building owners and roofing contractors after the survey is performed. Often, we find that the infrared survey shows is it is not necessary to replace an entire roof that only a few sections are “wet” and repairs can be made surgically to only these areas.

thermal drone photo of building roofing

Rob Haller

St Louis Drone Specialist
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